Linux Support

Controlling costs is one of the biggest challenges businesses and IT departments today. Whilst buying hardware is almost always a major expense, it can be exceeded by the cost of purchasing and renewing expensive software licenses. This is why businesses are increasingly turning to open source applications, which often run on Linux operating systems and are supported by powerful hardware vendors like IBM.

At Priority One, we help businesses of varying sizes and backgrounds transition from expensive vendor software and licenses, to free Linux operating systems and applications. Not only does this drastically reduce costs, but it also helps to improve system reliability and performance. Our team of expert engineers are experienced in the majority of Linux flavours including; Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora, Redhat and Debian. Typically we provide Linux support for the following system types: websites, MYSql databases, file servers, mail servers, clustering and DNS servers.

Main advantages of Linux-based operating systems:

  • Cost: there are no operating system software charges, except for Redhat enterprise level, which charges for additional services.
  • Reliability: due to the volume of contributors constantly tweaking the Linux operating system, bugs get ironed out fast. In addition, by not having a graphical user interface, the system is very simple. Linux servers can run for years without the need to reboot, which is why they power 50% of the world's websites.
  • Speed: a smaller software footprint has less impact on the hardware, resulting in fewer resources being used.
  • Security: applications do not have route/admin access to the operating system, making them very difficult to attack. Linux workstations are not vulnerable to the majority of known viruses affecting Windows PCs.
  • Customisation: you can choose from literally thousands of applications and products.

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