Linux Support

Controlling costs is the biggest challenge facing most businesses and IT departments. Whilst buying hardware is always a major expense, sometimes it is outstripped by the cost of purchasing and renewing expensive software licenses. Our engineers have been utilising Linux and providing expert Linux support for over a decade. We have helped numerous businesses, of varying sizes, improve reliability and performance while drastically cutting costs, by moving from expensive vendor applications and licenses to free Linux OS and Linux based applications. Enterprises are turning to the free, open-source applications running on the reliable and robust Linux operating system.

Linux, a UNIX-like OS, is free and extremely popular among IT professionals interested in high performance without escalating costs, which is why it’s supported by powerful hardware vendors like IBM. Plus, there are some key security advantages to using Linux, for example, few viruses that impact Windows PCs will affect Linux workstations. However, there is talk that open source applications like Linux, need expensive IT departments to support them, but that’s not the case with Priority One. We’re familiar with the most common flavours of Linux including Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora, Mandrake, Redhat and Debian, we’ve even helped to integrate a whole multitude of Linux applications into businesses.